Policy for promotion of research

A well-defined policy has been prepared and implemented to encourage the enrolment of faculty in Ph.D programmes and to provide suitable incentives for Ph.D holders and to those who publish research articles in reputed peer reviewed indexed journals as follows.

·         Teachers without PhD are encouraged to pursue and complete their PhD. Such faculty members may be given reduction in academic and administrative work load and will be decided by respected HODs.

·         The eligible Faculty members are encouraged to guide PhD research scholars in accordance with PhD Regulation of respective universities and institutes wherever applicable.

·         MCKVIE encourages faculty members to establish network with other universities within India as well as abroad and go for MoUs.

·         Periodically every year the research output of faculty members will be collected and published in annual report which would be published in the institute website for disseminating the information to all stakeholders.

·         Faculty is provided with independent responsibility to undertake the execution of research projects.


Broad Guidelines of Ethics for Research & Publications for students, researchers, teachers and staff of MCKVIE

Scientific and applied researches involve collaboration between different individuals for accomplishing research objectives. Any research may require investigation, experiments, data analysis, research paper preparation and research grant proposals and cultivating research awareness among other stakeholders. It is indispensable to carry out researches in virtuously and ethically correct ways. All students / faculty / staff members of the institute are expected to maintain highest degree of academic integrity and originality in their research and publications. They are expected to adhere to the following guidelines and it is significant to follow these ethical guidelines to preserve self-esteem, rights and well-being of researchers and research participants.





Reverence to Intellectual Property

–          MCKVIE encourages it all departments to conduct workshops / seminars / webinars / expert talks in research methodology where ethics in research is an integral part of the programme. Awareness is also created to faculty members by invited talks in ethics in research.

–          All student, faculty and staff members shall adhere to the prevailing copyright norms and the UGC (Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations 2018.

–          All faculty/staff should preferably publish in high impact factor and peer reviewed journals.

–           All student, faculty and staff members shall adhere to the The Clause 7 (similarity checks for exclusion from Plagiarism) of the UGC (Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher educational Institutions) Regulations, 2018.

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