National Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP)

MCKVIE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre


“To cater the needs of young student entrepreneurs with innovative ideas of social relevance and there by introducing a culture of entrepreneurship inside campus which will strengthen our education system and there by promoting the national economical and social growth”.


“To develop an ecosystem with required infrastructure that can enable students and faculty to innovate and prototype their potential ideas with  industrial standards and  support from Government, industry and reputed  academic institutions around the world and help them to realize their potentials”.

Short term Objectives

  1. To help student groups to prototype their ideas.
  2. To improve innovation, creative and design thinking among student community.
  3. Incubation facility for faculty driven start-up and student/Alumni start-up.
  4. Organize FDP, seminars and workshops, distinguish talks for students,   Faculty and Alumni and promote entrepreneurial culture.
  5. Strengthen institute industry interaction cell activity and effectively use the outcomes for achieving the mission.

Long Term Objectives

  1. Associate with DST, CII, MSME and other academic institutions for transferring world class facility for MCKVIE IEDC activities.
  2. Improve quality of research work among students and to attain patent which can be commercially used in production.
  3. Provide a platform for students to develop innovative products with global recognition and generate business opportunities.
  4. Generate revenues through consultancy work and student start-ups.
  5. Spread awareness to students and faculty regarding IPR related activities.
  6. Strategic partnership linkage with 
           (a) Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India(EDII), Ahmedabad 
           (b) National Innovation Foundation (NIF) of India to submit ideas and apply for schemes
           (c) Procure fund from AICTE for Entrepreneurship Development Cell
           (d) Commencement of Masters/MBA programs in Entrepreneurship

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