MCKV Institute of Engineering (MCKVIE) is one of the most renowned academic institutions in West Bengal. It recently introduced a 2 year full-time course of MBA under the department of Management Science and Humanities(MSH). This course will allow students to develop skills and competencies that will make them industry-ready, and will enable them to lead organizations. The management program offered by MCKVIE will develop aspiring management professionals and enable them to efficiently manage operations, resources, systems, finance and marketing, thereby preparing them to make intelligent business decisions, streamline processes, and enhance organizational performances.
The department endeavours to create a unique identity by not only catering to students’ needs for enhancing linguistic skills and managerial acumen, but also by grooming them through personality development sessions, mock interviews, seminars, presentations, group discussions, and case studies.
The teachers encourage progressive and analytical thinking, with an aim to enhance professional competence and promote relevant managerial skills. The Management wing familiarizes learners with the necessity of human values and importance of corporate ethics, besides helping them with the regular curricula, which are in tune with the demands of the Industry. The department pays individual attention to each student and ensures that they collectively are ready for the dynamic professional spheres. It also regularly organizes seminars and workshops that are conducted by professionals, academicians, and even the alumni. These make students aware of the needs of the job market.
The department boasts of a state-of-the art English Communication Laboratory with all the modern facilities. Currently, the department comprises of experienced faculty members who are engaged in research and training activities.

To be recognized as a Centre of Excellence that endeavours to create a unique identity by not only catering to students’ needs for enhancing managerial acumen and soft skills, but also by grooming them holistically for success in professional life.

1. To encourage a teaching learning process for proper dissemination of knowledge leading to employability enhancement.

2. To make the students understand the role Language and Communication and Managerial Skills in the modern globalized world.

3. To develop theoretical knowledge of the students and make them skilled professionals by involving them in application- oriented activities like project works, internships, workshops, expert lecture sessions, seminars and other industry- oriented programs.

4. To instill desire and ability of lifelong learning and professional developments through self-study and continuous education to enable the students to meet changing societal demands for sustainable development.

MCKV Institute of Engineering now offers a 2-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programme. It combines both core and specialization courses in the areas of Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, and Business Analytics. This programme educates students through syllabuses that are vetted and recommended highly by professionals from both the academic and corporate worlds. Thus, students are able to fully prepare themselves for the various challenges that exist in the industries, and eventually metamorphose into top-notch professionals in their individual domains.

• Four(4) Semester AICTE approved course with 106 credit points
• Eight weeks Summer Training after 2nd semester by Professional Organization(s)
• Option of choosing two functional specializations (one major and one minor) out of Finance, Marketing, HR and Business Analytics
• Exposure to the state of the art Data Analysis/Visualization tools such as Advanced Excel, R, Python and SPSS
• Bridge course in Mathematics, Accounts, MS Office and Basic English before the main course
• Orientation from industry experts to help develop solutions to real world business problems
• BRM Project to help students to have a clear understanding of the professional world with a research mindset
• Continuous evaluation system
• Classroom and experiential learning consisting of high-end assignments, lab exercises, case studies and integrated activities
• Personality Development sessions
• End semester Dissertation with Grand Viva

  • Intake: 30
  • Affiliation: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) formerly known as WBUT
  • Approval: All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)



Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from a recognized University with a valid score in CAT / GMAT / MAT/ JEMAT / XAT / CMAT/ ATMA etc.



1. To gain contemporary knowledge of the Business Concepts and their application in problem solving.
2. To apply different tools for decision making required for solving complex managerial problems with a passion to innovate.
3. To develop leaders who are able to adapt to the needs of the dynamic; domestic and global Business contexts.
4. To develop students who are competent to take up independent entrepreneurial ventures.
5. To produce industry ready graduates having the highest ethical standards and concern for environment.

On completing the program successfully, the student will be able to :
PO-1: Develop knowledge in core areas of business based on current research and best practice.
PO-2: Utilize qualitative and quantitative methods for effective decision making and to overcome critical business challenges.
PO-3: Develop a world view that understands and appreciates a global cross-cultural business context.
PO-4: Identify new business opportunities and innovate at the workplace.
PO-5: Apply management practices in the context of societal, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues with a concern for the environment.
PO-6: Communicate effectively as a manager under different situations with all stakeholders.
PO-7: Demonstrate Leadership and Team work capabilities in multidisciplinary settings.
PO-8:  Integrate ethical considerations while taking business decisions.
PO-9: Ability to conduct investigation of multidimensional business problems using research based knowledge and research methods to arrive at data driven decisions.
PO-10: Ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and leverage managerial & leadership skills for founding, leading & managing startups as well as professionalizing and growing family businesses.
PO-11: Ability to demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development and assess the impact of managerial decisions and business priorities on the societal, economic and environmental aspects.
PO-12: Engage in independent and life-long learning and take up challenging assignments for self.

Competency in Managing Marketing and interdisciplinary courses, equipped with classical & contemporary frameworks to analyze, conceptualize and develop marketing strategy in a creative, ethical & sustainable business environment.

Professionally equipped with business, people and leadership skills to understand and implement knowledge associated with financial markets, services, institutions, instruments, corporate & personal finance.

Professional competencies in managing Human Resource and allied field with an ability to develop Organizational Policies, Processes, Evaluation Techniques in accordance with contemporary legal framework in accordance with national & global perspective.

Professionally competent to apply data analytical techniques, understand quantitative and qualitative tools, work on utilizing statistical data, visualization of data to navigate and solve problems in the business environment.

MBA offers an excellent professional start and leads to an extensive scope for professional improvement and competencies. Experienced specialists take up MBA courses to make a shift in their profession. MBA courses offer scope for a progressive outlook. Nowadays a degree in MBA or Masters in Business Administration is the path of choice for many aspirants. Some of the reasons why aspirants consider pursuing an MBA degree is to :

• Get a salary jump
• Get a promotion
• Change work profile
• Enhance knowledge
• Ensure better networking
• Add value to one’s CV
• Become an entrepreneur or start your own business


Career Opportunity after MBA in Marketing

One of the most sought-after MBA specializations is Marketing and the primary reason for this is that there is never a dearth of job opportunities after completing MBA in Sales and Marketing course.

MBA course in Sales and Marketing opens up job opportunities for aspirants in industries such as retail, banking, hospitality, media, and the likes. Some popular job profiles that aspirants can pursue after completing an MBA in Sales and Marketing are listed below :

• Brand Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Market Research Analyst
• Sales Manager
• Product Manager
• Media Planner
• Internet Marketing Manager


Career Opportunity after MBA in Finance

Another very popular MBA specialization is in Finance. In this MBA course, aspirants can specialize in fields such as – International Finance, Taxation, Tax Planning, Investment Management, Insurance Management as well as Financial Statement Reporting and Analysis. Some popular job profiles that aspirants can pursue after completing an MBA course in Finance are listed below :

• Financial Manager/Analyst
• Credit Analyst
• Accounting Manager
• Risk and Insurance Manager
• Treasurer
• Finance Manager
• Cash Manager


Career Opportunity after MBA in HR

After completing an MBA degree in HR, aspirants can consider joining as an HR executive at a firm in the Manufacturing Sector, BPO/IT, Corporate sector, Service sector, Education sector, Banking sector, and the likes. An HR professional is involved in the process of recruiting, orienting, training as well as appraising employees of a company/organization.
Candidates who work at the profile of an HR manager perform tasks related to the organizational structure, motivations, morals, and overall employee engagement. After completing an MBA course in HR, one can kick-start their career as an HR Generalist or HR Specialist.

Tasks allocated to an HR Generalist include :

• Recruitment
• Training and Development
• Employee Benefits
• Coordination with Employees
• Payroll Management
• Managing Competition


Career Opportunity after MBA in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a rising trend today. An MBA in Business Analytics opens up job opportunities in various industries including government, education, finance, and software development. And this list of sectors will keep expanding in the coming years.
This is because you will have an in-depth knowledge of survey software, apply various types of data analytics, develop data visualization skills, and more. So, after you pursue an MBA in Business Analytics, you can go for the job designations mentioned below.

• Financial Analyst
• Supply Chain Analyst
• Management Consultant
• Predictive Modeller
• Business Systems Analyst

and many more…


Cloudkaptan Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd

Tata AIG

HCDS Technologies

KPMG Global Services



Mahindra Group






McKinsey Global Services India Pvt. Limited

Cartesian Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Ernst & Young Global Limited

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Manikaran Power Ltd



Derewala Industries Ltd


Ralson India Ltd

Hawkins Cookers Ltd

Gamut Infosystems Ltd

Paperpedia Pvt. Ltd

La Exactlly Software Pvt. Limited

Eidikos Academic Solutions


Collabera Services Pvt. Ltd




LatentView Analytics

Peryton Securities Consultants Pvt. Limited (PeryCap)


and many more…

                                    Rules and Regulations for MBA Summer Internship

1.       The MBA Summer Internship commences at the end of the first year after the completion of 2nd Semester Examination

2.        At the end of the second semester, the students will undergo Summer Training for about eight weeks duration (2 months) in a Professional Organization. It is mandatory for all students.

3.       The students will work on a project based on their chosen elective in the organization.

4.       Students will be required to submit a Project Report on any area of Elective courses (Finance, Marketing, HRM, Business Analytics) under the Industry guidance. The student will be examined on Project Report, Presentation and Viva.

5.       Basically the students must have 3 copies of Summer Internship Project Report.1 Copy needs to be submitted to the organization,1 copy to the college and  the students needs to keep the remaining 1 copy with themselves for future references and campus drives.

6.       The project report follows the basic format of Project Title, Introduction, Problem Statement, Scope of the Study, Basic methodology and work done during the Internship, Recommendations , Conclusion, etc. The first few pages must have acknowledgement, signature page of company project guide, signature page of college authority (HOD, Coordinator, etc). Normally it is around 60-70 pages with proper binding.

7.       The company must assign a Project Guide to the students during the Internship.

8.       The students must come back to the college for their 2nd year academics after the completion of the Summer Internship.

9.       The students attendance would be monitored during the Internship.

10.   At the end of the 2 month Internship the student should present their work to the company preferably in PPT mode. The organization would then issue certificate to the students. There can be different categories of certificate based on performance in the Project.

11.   The Summer Internship Project is also evaluated by the college as a Sessional Paper in the 3rd Semester.

12.   The Basic MBA Summer Internship is absolutely straight-jacketed with the above terms and conditions. Of course the students can participate in any other number of internship for career development. 

Click here for AIMS(Association of Indian Management Schools) certificate.

MCKVIE is awarded Life time Institutional Membership of AIMS which has multiple benefits for students, faculties and any other stake holders associated with the program.

  • Anwesha Manna of MBA in Business Analytics stream of Management Science and Humanities Department received a special mention and certificate for writing a blog in Blog-Volution organized by The Start Up Club by MCKVIE in collaboration with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre of MCKVIE on November 2021.
  • Mahasweta Chakraborty of MBA in Business Analytics stream of Management Science and Humanities department have received specially dedicated certificates from both HR and Marketing manager for outstanding performance in the Internship of Universal Tribes in September-October 2021.
  • Ankita Basak of MBA in Business Analytics stream of Management Science and Humanities Department have become a certified professional on Neo4j software for scoring outstanding marks in the concerned test in July 2021.
  • Gaurav Kumar Sharma of MBA have secured 1st Prize in the Logo contest for Pragati 2023.


Name: Bhavana Kumari
Name of the Company: ICICI Bank
Designation: Relationship Manager
MBA Year: 2021-23.






Faculty Members Serving MBA

Our Staff
Dr. Juin Ghosh Sarkar

Dr. Juin Ghosh Sarkar

Assistant Professor & HOD

M.Com, MBA(Finance), Ph.D.(Business Administration)

DOJ: 02-08-2011

Dr. Soumyajit Das

Dr. Soumyajit Das

Associate Professor

B.E., MBA, Ph.D (Management)
Teaching Experience : 16 years
Research Experience : 4 years

D.O.J.: 10.08.2023

Dr. Arindam Ghosh

Dr. Arindam Ghosh

Associate Professor

B.Sc, MBA, Ph.D (Management)
Teaching Experience : 10 years
Research Experience : 10 years
Industry Experience : 10 years

D.O.J.: 01.08.2023

Ms. Priyanka Dhar

Ms. Priyanka Dhar

Assistant Professor

B.Com, MBA
Teaching Experience : 2 years

D.O.J.: 01.08.2023

Mr. Sougata Majumder

Mr. Sougata Majumder

Assistant Professor

M.Com, MBA
Teaching Experience : 18 years

D.O.J.: 01.09.2023

Prof. Subhra Nath Maiti

Prof. Subhra Nath Maiti

Assistant Professor

M.A.(English), M.A.(ELT)

DOJ: 26-07-2011

Dr. Firoze Basu

Dr. Firoze Basu

Assistant Professor

M.A.(English), Ph.D.(Arts),
NET Qualified

DOJ: 27-01-2007

Prof. Kalipada Senapati

Prof. Kalipada Senapati

Assistant Professor

B.E.(Electrical), MBA(Marketing), Ph.D.(pursuing)

DOJ: 10-01-2007

Prof. Asish Kr. Bose

Prof. Asish Kr. Bose

Assistant Professor


DOJ: 06-07-2010

Prof. Diptayan Bhattacheryya

Prof. Diptayan Bhattacheryya

Assistant Professor

B.Com, M.Com, MBA(Finance and Marketing), Pursuing Ph.D, NET Qualified(Management)

DOJ: 12-07-2011

Dr. Prasenjit Chatterjee

Dr. Prasenjit Chatterjee

Professor and Dean (Research & Consultancy)

B.Tech (Gold Medalist), M.E., Ph.D.(Engg.)

Teaching Experience: 15 years

D.O.J. :  29.07.2010

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kr. Jalan

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kr. Jalan

Professor and Dean ( Student Affairs )

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Date of Joining: 08/01/2001

Teaching Experience: 23 years
Research Experience: 6 years

Visiting Faculty Members

Dr. Sudeep Mukherjee

Dr. Sudeep Mukherjee

MBA Visiting Faculty Members

Assistant Professor,  MBA(Business Analytics)

M.Sc in Economics (Calcutta University)
Ph.D (Calcutta University)