Notices on Teaching Assistantship

Notice #1

Office of the Principal


243, G.T. Road (N), Liluah, Howrah – 711 204.

No. MCKVIE/13-14/TEQIP-II/TA/01                                                                                      



To HODs – AUE / CSE / ECE / M.Tech Coordinators – AUE, CSE, ECE, VLSI

Attached a list of M.Tech students who have been selected for Teaching Assistantship under TEQIP-II subject to the condition, inter alia, to take 8 – 12 hrs. teaching workload per week inclusive of other duties as may be assigned by the competent authority.

You are, therefore, requested to prepare 8 – 12 hrs. Teaching workload schedule in respect of each of the aforesaid teaching assistantship awardees in your department. You are also requested to monitor the attendance and performance of the said awardees in respect of the aforesaid teaching schedule and submit mid-semester and end-semester reports to the undersigned.




Encl. : List of selected students

CC : Accounts Dept. – Please pay all the awardees @Rs. 8,000/- p.m. from 01.09.2013 except Mr. Sanjib Polley of CSE from 01.08.2013 on confirmation of receipt of their Affidavit.

       : Mr. Pranabesh Sarkar – Please maintain attendance record for the above students in a Register.




Notice #2

Office of the Principal


243, G.T. Road (N), Liluah, Howrah – 711 204.

 No. MCKVIE/13-14/TEQIP-II/TA/02                                                                                   



It is hereby informed that after assessment of all the applications, twenty five M.Tech students (both 1st & 2nd year) have been selected for awarding Teaching Assistantship @Rs.8000/- p.m. with effect from 1st September, 2013 from the academic session 2013-14. However, Mr. Sanjib Polley of 2nd year CSE dept. will be receiving Teaching Assistantship from 01.08.2013. All the selected students shall submit the duly sworn Affidavit by 26th October, 2013 in the format to be obtained from Student Cell for availing this Teaching Assistantship.



Encl. : List of selected students

CC : Managing Trustee

       Dean (Academics)


       HOD – AUE/CSE/ECE


Minutes of the meeting held on 05-10-2013

Award of Teaching Assistanceship to M.Tech Students under TEQIP-II

Applications, in prescribed format with supporting documents have been invited from non-GATE M.Tech students of all the courses (both 1st & 2nd year) in the institute for selecting the candidates for awarding Teaching Assistanceship @Rs. 8000/- per month during academic session 2013-14 out of TEQIP fund, as per guidelines. In response, total 44 applications have been received within the due date 3rd Oct, 2013.

The committee constituted for selecting 25 M.Tech students eligible to get the Assistanceship from amongst the applicants, as decided by the BOG, met a meeting held on 05.10.13 at 2 PM in the office of the Principal.

The committee scrutinized the application and awarded scores on the basis of following guidelines set by them:-

Considering the purpose of awarding Teaching Assistanceship being production of new quality faculty, only hose candidates having uniform good academic performance should be selected.

 For this, scoring will be tabulated as such:

 (i)        B.Tech (DGPA) –

                on above 7.25, M.Sc-60% and MCA-65% are eligible

 (ii)       HS(10+2) –

                 above 75% = 1 point, above 60%=0.5 point,Less than 60% = (-)0.5 point

 (iii)      Secondary  –

                above 75% = 1 point, above 60%=0.5 point, Less than 60% = (-)0.5 point

 (iv)      Teaching experience – 0.5 point

 (v)       Industry experience – 0.5 point

 (vi)      Candidates scoring backlog in any paper in B.Tech/M.Tech will not be considered for eligibility

 (vii)     Total score is derived after adding all the above

 The committee found seven (7) eligible students in 2nd year of M.Tech and granted them Teaching Assistantship of Rs. 8000/- p.m. from 1st Sept.,’13. However, the highest score obtained by Mr. Sanjib Polley is granted T.A from 1st August,’13 since only one scholarship could be given from this date due to surrender of Ms. Pritha Mondal of M.Tech 2nd year CSE.

 Further, the committee awarded eighteen (18) T.A on the following considerations :-

 (a) Top three candidates from each stream except four candidates of ECE stream since two of them had equal score.

 (b) Balance five (5) candidates were selected as per the merit list. The final list is attached herewith for disbursement of T.A for the academic year 2013-14.


Prof.(Dr.) Parasar Bandyopadhyay         Mr. K.K. Kejriwal                    Prof.(Dr.) S.K. Saha

           Principal                                           Managing Trustee                  Dean (Academics)

 Prof.(Dr.) J.K. Roy                      Dr. T.K. Ghosal                  Dr. Premananda Jana

       Dean (R&C)                              GB Member                    Nodal Officer(Academics)

 Mr. Manik Ch. Das                      Dr. Arghya Sarkar

      Head-AUE                                  Coordinator-TEQIP