Electronics & Communication Engineering Students of our Institute won the 1st Prize in Innovative Design Section of Science & Engineering Fair 2012

                                          Heartiest Congratulations to our students

                                                                                            Nilanjan Ghosh

                                                                                             Dipayan Jash

                                                                                              Sk.Akram Ali

of Electronics & Communication Engineering Department for winning 1st Prize in Innovative Design Section of  worth of Rs. 5000/-, Trophy and certificates.




Name of the Project: OXY-CON

About the Project: According to Medical Science, the ratio between Inspiration and Expiration is 1:2.So if Respiration cycle of a person is 15 times per minute then one cycle will be 4 sec. Standard inspire time with 1:2 ratio is 1.33 Sec. So total Inspiration time per minute is 1.33 X 15= 19.95sec=20sec. So effective oxygen per minute is 20 sec and wastage is 40 sec.

In general, Oxygen supply to a patient by musk is continuous. To get rid of this large Loss, they developed this device by giving Oxygen supply to a patient only during Inspiration and remain stop the supply during Exhalation.